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The 55Bar | The End of a New York Institution

Without question, the best room I ever played.

How Much Do You Want To Make On A Gig?

The list of requirements as a band leader when discussing a touring schedule with an agent can get pretty intense. I go in-depth about what my needs are for touring in...

Encores Suck

With a new agent and a plan for 2023, today's episode deals with some available approaches to promoting concerts in today's music industry.

Real vs Feel | How To Improve Your Awareness

The gap between what you feel you're doing and what you're really doing when you practice or play live can be huge.

Getting An Agent/Manager | A Career-First

The older I get, the less firsts seem to come across my desk. But I'm happy to announce a collaboration with an agent/manager for the first time in my life.

How I Learn Music When Prepping For A Tour

Working on music for upcoming touring with Steve Smith and Vital Information.

How Do You Listen To Music In 2022 | Spotify? Apple? Plex? Self-Custody?

How do you listen to music in 2022? Streaming only? or do you self-custody files?

Euro Tour Recap | Lost Luggage & Missed Flights?

Find out how the first tour with the new trio went last week!

New Pedalboard | Sounds And Signal Chain Explained

The new board for the tour is set, and this episode looks at what it can do.

How To Choose Gear For Touring | From Basses To Backpacks

We're talking about what goes into the decision making for gear, cases, clothes, and everything else you need on tour.

Jazz Is Not Elitist | It's A Universal Language

Unlocking huge gains in knowledge with minor adjustments to what you already know.

Travel Secrets For Musicians | Part 2

A "quick" follow-up from the last episode to answer some of your questions and comments.

Travel Secrets For Musicians | Unlock Stress-Free Touring

Unpacking the details of stress-free travel for musicians no matter how much you travel.

Gear & Endorsements Part 2 | More Myths Busted

What actually goes on behind the scenes?

The Truth About Gear & "Endorsements" | It Is Not What You've Been Told

We're going to dispel the myths of the gear world in this episode.

How To Create Chords From Nothing | The Kenny Werner Method

How to create some of the hippest sounding chord sequences you've ever heard through totally random means.

Risk Tolerance | How Do You Pay For A Tour?

Paying for a tour isn't easy, but the parameters are quite defined. Figure out what your risk tolerance might be in today's episode.

How To Tour | The Reality of Being a Band Leader

The highs, lows, and in-betweens of touring. A practical and phycological analysis of being a band leader on tour in 2022.

Studio Stories from Spain

I'm just back from cutting my new album in Spain and sharing stories from the studio

Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles | Stereo Bass Rig

The fear, the joy, and the responsibility that come with searching for something new is our topic of conversation today.

Bass Fans Are The Best Fans

Answering your questions from Telegram, and updating on progress with the new album.

Saying Goodbye to Convention | Risk vs Reward

Taking the unconventional route to be a recording artist by leaving the comforts of conformity behind.

Four of my Favorite Solo Breaks

We take a look at 4 of my favorite solo breaks/openings of all time, and update you on the pre-production progress for the new album.

Music | It's as Much Mental as it is Physical. If Not More...

We kick off this episode with a clip from Seth Godin, and talk about being prepared for failure.

The Past, The Present, and The Future. Plotting a Course as an Artist.

Taking a quick look back at my recording career as an artist, and plotting a course for what's still to come.

Detaching From Social Media | How to Quiet the Noise

Today I un followed every account on every social media platform I follow, and the results have been quite astonishing. I break down the process, and then get stuck in...

How important is gig stamina?

Gigs might not be here right now, but they're coming back. Stamina is a big deal when it comes to working again. Are you ready?

Being Ready For Gigs Again | The Groove

I'm definitely not stage-ready for gigs yet, but this is how I'm working on getting there.

My Two Most Important Tools For Learning Music

The two things I think you can't live without as you learn music: An epic work ethic, and limitless curiosity.

Coming Back From The Holidays

Getting back to it after 4 days off playing bass.

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